Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak all events have been postponed. Below are some thoughtful words from our Minister, Duncan Goldie

THOUGHT  Hope & Triumph in Adversity!

Sometimes there are pieces of music that provide a backing soundtrack to life and events. For contesting brass bands between the beginning of the year and now, it is the annual Area Test piece that is set for . This year for Sherborne Town Band, it was a piece called Legacy by Tom Davoren. It is a piece that was written to celebrating Aneurin Bevan and the creation of the National Health Service on the 5th of July 1948. The notes said it was about portraying the triumph and hope in adversity In the mist of this Coronavirus Pandemic, it seems to me that as Christians we might have something positive to contribute in the form of the hope and triumph Jesus gives in the face of adversity.

READING   Mark 10:46-52. Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus The story of Jesus’ entry into blind Bartimaeus’s life is a story of triumph and hope over adversity. Bartimaeus knew what it was to see and have sight, and knows the difference between the darkness his eyes now transmit to him. It is clear that he has not given up the hope of seeing again, and when Jesus passes by, where he is begging from pilgrims, he will not be silent. His hope of seeing again is fulfilled and adversity of his blindness is banished. Bartimaeus will go on to see another even greater triumph of God and hope over the adversity of death and human sinfulness, in Jesus’ death on the cross, and Jesus’ resurrection after three days. As Christians what we have is hope, not immunity to adversity. Hope for today and for eternity.

READING  Psalm 23:1-6. In recent days we have seen some of the best and the worst of humanity. There have been people stealing dispensers of antiseptic hand wash from hospitals where it is most needed. Stockpiling and panic buying. In Wincanton, the Roman Catholic Church had it’s toilet rolls stolen. But we have also seen others that risked contracting the virus, in order to care and look after those who are ill with the virus. Yes we may have to self isolate at times, and speak on the phone or via the computer, but with God with us, it will not drag us down into fear and selfishness, for hope of the Cross will triumph in this Coronavirus adversity.